Quality Assurance

Quality assurance at the highest level

DCS provides you with compact call-center solutions.Our dedicated and friendly team of employees, as well as our state-of-the-art computer infrastructure guarantees customer communication to a demanding standard.

The quality assurance at DCS begins with the precise definition of the quality standards of our clients.

All important details for the projects will be discussed with our clients and taken into account.They range from data transport via the standards and procedures of the commissioned projects to the safe transfer of data to our clients.

To maintain the quality of our services at the highest level, our employees commit themselves to observance and strict monitoring of the projects.Only motivated and qualified employees ensure a high standard of quality in our company.Staff members are continuously trained for their jobs.Not only are the foundations and the importance of the quality standards for the processing, evaluation and delivery clarified for every project, but the personal attitude and care for the work process are supported and promoted.

Quality, security and care are of the utmost importance, that’s why we place the highest value on this…

Any possible errors that arise for ongoing projects are analyzed and follow-up training is organized on the topics of focus if necessary.

Data Protection

In the course of the constant adaptation to the growing requirements concerning the protection of privacy, DCS has successfully undergone the “Catalog of inspections in accordance with § 9 of the Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (Federal Data Protection Act – BDSG) and Annexes of its Technical and Organizational Measures (TOM) for contract data processing according to § 11 BDSG”.

Data acquisition and storage takes place exclusively at our German data center.


ISO 9001/2015, ISO 27001/2013, DIN EN 18295/2017 und PCI-DSS.


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